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Wasp Control Sandton

Wasp Control Sandton. Having any sort of infestation nearby your home endangers the protection of your loved ones as well as your pets. Hearing that your child got stung or your dog chased and swallowed a bug, is not news that you would like to hear.

If you notice that the number of wasps you inspected is increasing, there is a chance that there might be a nest around or in your property. To eliminate the risk of getting stung, you need to inspect your home and inspect your business building and treat the infestation to a control and removal service and get a protection system on an urgent basis.

At Wasp Control Sandton, we provide quick and effective control and removal services and protection systems. We provide same day control and removal services, pest-free guaranteed services, certified control and removal technicians and control and removal services using Eco-friendly treatments.

Keys Fact on Wasp in Sandton

They are found in every continent around the world, except in polar regions.

  • The sting is poisonous and can result in swelling. In some cases, it is possible for a person to die due to a sting if they are allergic.
  • Stinger is smooth as compared to a bee, that is why they can repeatedly sting, unlike honeybees.
  • Emit a pheromone into the air when they die as a signal to warn its fellow mates.
  • They can sleep and hibernate for many months while hanging from their teeth.
  • Smaller in size as compared to hornets.
  • Only a female can sting and do it repeatedly.
wasp control sandton

wasp control sandton

What are Wasps?

Wasps are small insects that belong to the order Hymenoptera. They are essentially the bee’s more territorial, aggressive, and intimidating cousins. Commonly known for their painful sting, wasps can sting multiple times and feed on honey, sweet plants, and other insects. Compared to bees, wasps have slimmer bodies, longer legs and also tend to be faster and lighter due to their more aerodynamic bodies. Wasps also differ in their types, ranging from solitary to social wasps.

Wasp Removal Sandton

Wasps removal  and wasp nest removal are some precautions you can take to reduce the risks of wasp stings. However, removing a wasp nest and its stinging inhabitants is not an easy thing to do and can be extremely dangerous. This is because the wasps in the nests always feel threatened; hence they become abnormally aggressive. As a method of defending themselves, they react by stinging you and any person who could be around. To do away with wasps, instead of removing the nest, you ought to treat it together with the nesting wasp.

Generally, exterminators employ two methods – nest drenching and nest dusting. Nest drenching is the most dangerous method as it involves going to the nest and dousing it in insecticide, which will cause the wasps to fly out and attempt to escape or attack. Once the nest is drenched, or if all wasps are gone, the exterminator can knock down the nest to prevent it from becoming a home for future infestations.

Nest dusting is less risky as it only involves sprinkling pest powder over the entrance and exit holes of the nest. This is repeated several times to ensure the area around the nests is thoroughly covered. Typically, the wasps will be dead within a couple of weeks.

Professionals at Wasp Control Sandton will effectively eliminate the wasps and ensure you are safe from stings. As one of the leading pests and wasp exterminators in Sandton, we can help you clear out wasp nests safely.

Wasp Prevention Sandton

To prevent wasp infestation, you need to treat the nests early before they mature. You can also make some adjustments in your behaviour and how you handle drinks and food outdoors to deter wasps. Here are the same preventive measures to control wasps:

  • Regular checking for nests: the nests are golf size or walnut size when they begin to form. At this early stage, the wasps are few and easier to treat.
  • Bins safety: bins, which are kept outside, should be tightly fitted with lids. Keeping bins a distance from windows and doors would also reduce the presence of wasps.
  • Keeping doors and windows shut will prevent wasps from entering your house.

For safe and effective wasp control sandton, we can help you develop a proper strategy to deal with wasps. Contact us for an appointment today.

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