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Solar Panel Installation Florida

In Florida, we are lucky to have blue-skied sunny days year round. With over 12 hours of sun most days, we have the ideal climate for solar power and solar panels. Plus, the cost of solar panels and solar battery storage is becoming more affordable here than most places in the world.

If that doesn’t convince you, how about the high electricity costs Florida households without solar face every year? Those who have opted for Solar Panel Installation Florida are often blown away by how much they can actually save. Installing solar panels is a reliable way to reduce your impact on the environment, while reaping the financial rewards as well.

Why Use Solar Panels Florida?


No harmful gases come from a solar panel.

Cost Savings

Solar provides cost savings by not having to pay for electricity

Easy Installation

No harmful gases come from a solar panel.

Low Voltage

Solar utilizes lower voltage, typically 12 or 24 Volts DC


Solar is a renewable energy source

Solar Panels Florida

Solar Panels Installation Florida is all about a sustainable environment, providing solutions to reduce impact on the environment, and save you money at the same time. Solar energy is one of those solutions which we provide in Florida. We understand the harsh South African weather, so we only source the best solar panels for your home and business.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation in Florida

When choosing to go solar, you want solar specialists you can count on to get the job done well. Backed by 10 years of helping local Florida residents find solutions for their home, we want to do the same for you. We’re locals, just like you, and we’re committed to providing a top class service and excellent quality Solar Panel Installation Florida every time. If you’re ready to take the dive into solar, give us a call and let us help you.

How It Works

Step 1: Sunlight

Solar panels are built using photovoltaic cells, or pv cells for short, which convert the rays of sunlight into a direct current. This needs to be yet converted for household use, as direct currents are only capable of moving in a single direction.

Step 2: Inverter

Once the energy has been converted into a direct current, it then needs to be converted to an alternating current, which is the standard for your household structures, as alternating currents are capable of being moved in different directions. Now the energy is available for use in your appliances.

Step 3: Power

This converted energy may now be used for your household as you need, such as your lights, television, or air conditioning. So you’re using less energy for your daily needs and therefore saving money on your electricity bills.

Step 4: Solar Savings

So what happens to power you don’t use? The additional solar energy produced can go back into the grid, metered and credited to you in the form of a credit on your bill, but this can be dependent on your electricity provider.

Easy Solar Installation Florida

When it comes to the installation on your solar system Florida, we also have a 4 step process, to make sure you’re all good to go.

1 Inspection

We inspect the site to pinpoint the best positioning to make the most of your solar energy, and avoid any potential hazards, or safety precautions with installing your new system.

2 Prefixing Solar Panels

We fix the brackets and racking to your room before placing the PV Solar Panels.

3 Mounting Panels

The panels are then attached to the racking with extruded aluminium clamps and connected together with cables into the DC isolator.

4 Connection

We then connect the panels to the inverter, and into the grid to ensure you get your free energy directly from the sun.

Solar Panels Installers Florida

We want to make your solar journey as smooth as possible. That’s why we only work with accredited solar panel installers. Once you’ve had your solar panels installation Florida you can start to reap the rewards of generating your own renewable electricity.

We manage the entire installation so you don’t have to do a thing.

First contact

After filling out our online contact form, one of our experts will get in touch to book a survey to help you decide the best solar options for you and give you a personalised quote. The survey can be carried out in your home, over the phone or by video call.

Arranging your installation

If you agree to go ahead with the quote, we will discuss the best payment options for you. We’ll then get in contact to arrange installation and tell you know the next steps (including when the scaffolding will be put up).

Scaffolding and install mounts fitted

Once the scaffolding has been put up, giving our installers safe access to your roof, the install mounts –  which the solar panels will be attached to – are fitted and attached to the rafters.

Solar panels, inverter & battery installed

When the solar panels have been secured to the frame and wired in, the inverter is installed and connected to the battery (if chosen) and the grid input. The inverter is what transforms energy from the solar panels into electricity your home can use.

Connect the system to the grid

Once your Solar Panel Installation is complete, the whole system is connected to the consumer unit which will sit in your fuse box.  We’ll then ensure all the cabling is neatly fitted with a black or white conduit to suit your home.

How long does a Solar Panel Installation Florida take?

Most installations are completed within a day but some larger jobs will take a little longer.  We can let you know once we know the size of the system you need.

We’ll put your scaffolding up a few days before your solar installation and take it down a few days after and we’ll always make sure we leave your property clean and tidy.

Is my home suitable for solar panel installation?

Whether your roof faces south, east or west your home is perfect to have solar photovoltaic panels installed. North facing roofs will not receive as much sunlight and therefore won’t be as efficient. For more information get in touch

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