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Solar Installers Gauteng

With decades of experience and Gauteng’s best solar panels,the residential solar experts at Solar Installers Gauteng will have your power bills conquered in no time.

As one of Gauteng leading solar panel installers, we’re more than capable of helping you
choose a solar panel system, ordering the most efficient panels and having them installed atop your roof. If you’ve dreamt of reducing your eskom bill, going off-grid or reducing your environmental impact, we have the solution you’ve been looking for.

For the most cost-effective PV systems in Gauteng, reach out to the team at Leanbridge Projects today.

solar installers gauteng

A Smooth Solar Installation Gauteng

We know that solar power seems complicated, though we’ve worked hard to streamline the entire process for our valued customers.It’s important to us that our customers have a stress-free experience and understand everything they need to know about solar installers Gauteng, so we provide a multi-step educational process to ensure precisely that. A few of the things we’ll go over with you include:
Evaluation of the Home
to determine the feasibility of solar, where panels will be installed, and what size system will be most effective.
Panel Design
we will adapt and outline a PV system that suits your home’s size, orientation and your electricity use to provide ideal returns.
Customer Support
when all is said and done, we’ll remain on call and in touch for any further questions or repairs should you need them.

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