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Fly Control Sandton

Flies are one of the particular problem pests for restaurant premises in Sandton, and businesses that stock, produce or prepare food. No matter your type of business you run, we are confident we can provide the solution that fits you best. We treat many types of flies such as filter flies, cluster flies, sewer gnats etc. Fly Control Sandton carry out a 3-part intensive treatment and each treatment is carried out on a weekly basis. We use a residual water based insecticide which is a powder that is mixed into water. It is sprayed onto the infested area and when the water evaporates, the residue is left on the surface. The residue is picked up on the flies body parts, which affects the nervous system and the insect is killed.

Fly Control Treatment Sandton

No one can be present during treatment and cannot return for at least 4 hours after completion. All products are geared for safe use in domestic situations.  The Insecticides do not have any negative effect on carpets or soft furnishings. There is no staining and the residue is invisible to the naked eye. We offer a guarantee, should you experience any issues after the treatment is completed.

fly control sandton

fly control sandton

Fly Control Services Sandton

Flies tend to get in the house through open doors and windows as they follow food smells. Below we will look at some of the signs of an infestation.

  • The presence of a cluster of black spots is a sign of fly infestation. These insects leave a pile of faeces on the wall, window sills, bins, or sink drains. Other black spots might been found on high shelves and the top of the refrigerators.
  • The presence of several dead flies scattered around your house indicates an invasion.
  • You are likely to see maggots or fly larvae near broken drain pipes, or composite piles because they favour damp places. The females lay eggs in dark, moist places like in rubbish and on leftover foods when they invade you home. Therefore, you should be looking out for crawling larvae in your bins.

Key facts about flies

Flies are buzzing two-winged insects that usually invade the house in warmer weather. They come in many different sizes, from tiny little insects to large house flies. Most have a short lifespan of 15 to 25 days. However, they increase quickly in numbers because a single female can lay 100 eggs at once, and they hatch within 24 hours. Flies are one of the spring insects you need to prepare for early in Sandton. Without the right tools and assistance, they will continue to be a problem during the whole summer and into autumn.

Fly Control Sandton can carry out intensive treatments against flies which would consist of three treatments to discuss your requirements, a trained member of staff will be able to assess your needs and recommend the best possible product.

Where will you find  Flies ?

  • A single fly in the house is an indication that there are probably several others on the way.
  • You will notice them around rubbish bins, dirty dishes, and uncovered food in the kitchen.
  • You may see them on plants, on the ground or sitting on other items outside the house.
  • Flies love water and light. So you are likely to see clusters of houseflies around gutters and light fixtures.
  • You may find a crowd of fruit flies caused by food spills or around fruit bowls and where food is prepared.
  • They tend to like resting off the ground at night in hidden away places.

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