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Ant Control Sandton

While ants are beneficial for nature’s ecosystem, they can be a menace when found inside your home. Spreading filth and diseases are good enough reasons for you to take immediate measures and find a solution to the problem as soon as you realise you are dealing with an ant infestation.

Our proven ant control sandton and removal methods guarantee that ants will not bother you and your family anytime soon after we pay a visit. Upon initial inspection, our experienced Sandton exterminators will identify the ants’ type and the scale of the infestation. The rest is up to us: we will get the job done.

Ant Extermination Sandton Methods

There are two basic methods we choose for garden ants removal. The most suitable solution will be determined after inspecting the infested premises.

Baiting is the first method we apply: poisonous baits are placed where ants are spotted. The technique is proven to be highly effective. Ants will take the bait to the anthill, and the colony will be destroyed soon after the queen is poisoned.

Spraying is the second method our specialists use to remove ants. Once an ant touches an area covered in sprayed residue, it will die shortly.

ant control sandton

ant control

Prices For Ant Control Sandton

Professional ant removal sandton, control, and prevention come at a price, but you will be glad to know that our rates are nothing but affordable. Ant extermination cost may vary depending on the size of the infested area and the severity of the situation.

Ant baiting service starts from R1000 for a 1-room property and uses poisonous baits that ants carry to the anthill. It’s a highly effective method, especially with Pharaoh ants. Once the queen is poisoned, the colony is destroyed.

How Тo Recognize Тhe Ant Infestation Problem in Sandton?

Signs of infestation include:

Anthills in the garden
You often spot ants in packs around your home (it means they are already long-established)
Ants in cupboards, stealing your food
Ants are a common problem which is nearly impossible to solve without professional help, as the critters can easily relocate to a different spot when they are intimidated. They react immediately to threats against their colony, making their removal a tough task to tackle.

If you notice several black or dark brown ants that average at about 5mm in length, then you’ve got a garden ant problem for sure. As mentioned above, ants are highly intelligent, and they can easily adapt to any environment. Being highly fertile, a single swarm could hold thousands of the critters, all of them organised in a hierarchy dominated by the queen.Ants prefer sweet and protein-rich foods, and they are likely to choose a sunny spot for constructing their anthill.

Which Types Оf Ants Are Likely Тo Invade Your Sandton Home?

Sandton is notorious for its pest-related problems, and garden ants are among the most common types of pests we remove for our clients. Our ant exterminators know how to recognise the different ants on your property and tailor our treatment accordingly to target Pharaoh ants and pavement ants.

Pharaoh Ants

Having a long practice in ant pest control and treatment, we know that baiting is the most appropriate method when dealing with pharaoh ants in London. The baits we set are loaded with the best products available. This method works like a charm: ants spread the baits throughout the swarm until they eventually reach and poison the queen. The rest of the ants will be gone soon after that.

Pavement Ants

Spray treatment is the perfect method for guaranteed complete removal of pavement ants. Spraying both outdoors and indoors is a must for the best result to be achieved. The method is proven to be a 100% effective solution in cases of ant control sandton.

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